Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Training Update

Spring has really sprung here in the south, complete with warm days and thunder storms. Luckily, none of them have happened during a run!
Wednesday I did 30 minutes of yoga and 26 minutes of Core de Force. Felt great until the next day, and my arms were soooo achey.

Thursday was our group run, 4 easy miles because my running buddy was having tummy trouble.

Friday was Weight Watchers and a rest day.

Saturday was long run day. My group did 10 miles, I was so proud! They get faster each week!

Sunday we walked the pups for 2 miles and then took a bike ride. Very hilly, very long bike ride.

Monday I did yoga and walked at Girls on the Run.

Tuesday I ran 4 miles and did a little bit of yoga. I hit 68.5 for the month.

Wednesday I was feeling lazy, so I forced myself to get out there and hike 4 miles, plus a little yoga after, and a 1.5 mile walk during Girls on the Run.

Nothing too crazy, I'm really loving Yoga with Adriene, especially since Amazon Fire lets me watch it on my TV! I love technology!

I have the Corporate Cup in Charlotte on Saturday, a half marathon. Are you racing this weekend?

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  1. 4 miler for is usually oneof my favorites however with a real feel of ONE - yes ONE it may no longer be a favorite one LOL

    1. 1?!? I was upset that it will by 28 for my race. in NC. ugh! stay as warm as you can! xoxo