Sunday, April 9, 2017

Charlotte RaceFest Half Marathon Recap

I cannot believe my first season of coaching with Run For Your Life has ended. It was such an incredible experience, and I look forward to next season! Our season end race was the Charlotte RaceFest 10k and Half Marathon.
The whole group met up before the race, for a group photo. A lot of the PG Speed Demons were running one of the races, and a few showed up for moral support.

We all made a stop at the porta potties and then made our way to the start. The 10k runners started on one side of the road and we started at the other, so we had to separate. I did see this fun crew, and they were kind enough to pose for a pic.

This is a hilly race, so I was trying to prep myself while we waited to start. Some of the runners from the pace group ahead of mine were doing a 4:1 so I decided to try and keep up.
The first mile went by quickly, and so did the second. During mile 3, I ran into my friend Sandra, who was running the 10k, and we chatted a bit. That's when I lost the other runners. I could see them ahead, but I couldn't catch up and I decided not to try.
At mile 3, the 10k runners turned right and we all went straight and that's when I realized that only a few runners were behind me.

I was ahead of the time limit pace, so I didn't care. I noticed my friends Denise and Kevin up ahead, and finally managed to catch up by mile 6.
We all ran together for about 2 miles, until Denise and Kevin stopped to stretch and I kept going.
We turned onto a little path that was paved but a little uneven.

Through a little tunnel...

After the tunnel was a stone parking lot that was rough on my feet, and then onto another somewhat paved trail. It was very uneven and there were holes in the pavement so it was rough going. Shortly after we left that trail road, we hit mile 10. I was pretty much beat at that point and was worried about finishing under 3 hours.
The course ran through some more neighborhoods and then headed back towards the South Park Mall, where we started.
The last couple miles were very hilly and I was worn out. It was getting warm, and my legs were just done. I was
overjoyed to see the mall ahead, but we had to turn right before it, which was cruel.
At the bottom of the hill were some of the other runners who had run the 10k, jumping up and down and yelling my name.

When I turned the corner, my two other friends were waiting. One was from my group and had run the 10k, where she PRd, the other was another coach. They both ran me in, and Joe, who is the head of the program and a crazy marathon and ultra runner, was cheering us on.

I finished just under the 3 hour limit, and that was fine with me! Half #49 was finished. Of course we had to take a finish line photo!

It was a great race. The police presence was impressive, they kept us safe and were all so kind. I think every single one was cheering us on. The water stations were well run and well placed.
They let me have an extra medal for my buddy (I Run 4 Michael, check it out on Facebook!)
There was water at the finish but only oranges left. I hate that they never have food at these Charlotte races for the back of the pack runners.
The parking was ample and flow was perfect. Very well organized!
Next stop: Disney Dark Side Challenge

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