Sunday, April 30, 2017

#RnRNashville Recap with @BibRave

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The hubs and I went to bed nice and early Friday night so that we could drag our butts out of bed at 5 to get to the start on time. We got almost all the way to the stadium before we hit traffic, but we still parked in plenty of time.
I paid in advance for parking, so we were parked pretty close to the little bridge we had to cross to get to the start line.

A church near the start line was letting runners use their bathrooms, and it was air conditioned, so I waited on a long line inside, which was nice. I grabbed a bottle of water and headed to my corral. Even that effort made me sweaty, which worried me.

The first few miles went well, there was lots of music, and I decided right up front to change my strategy. Originally I was going for a PR over last year, but once I learned about the heat advisory, I decided to walk every hill and run as much as possible in between. I also had my Dr Cool cloth from Disney and kept that wet and cool the whole time.

Lots of people were handing out ice, many had hoses, in addition to the race support which was excellent. There was always plenty of water to be had as well!

The first 6 miles were awesome, and I maintained a slow 15 minute mile throughout. It started to get hot, though, and I was walking more and more. By mile 8, I was seriously lagging.

They were handing out wet sponges but I didn't take one because I had my Cool cloth. At mile 10, a woman was sitting on a ledge on the side of road. She was pale and didn't look great so I gave her my Cool cloth and moved on.
At this point I knew my running portion was over. I walked the last 3 miles. Without my cloth it was just too hot and there was no reprieve from it.

I was ok with that. I saw quite a few people being taken from the course and learned later that at least 12 were taken out of the race for heat and dehydration sickness.

I finished in about 3:41, which I think is my slowest half ever. Even slower than my Disney races!
Thirty minutes after I finished they began removing people from the course because it was no longer safe for them to run. From what I understand, it was marathoners. The half marathon runners were all finished by this time, I think.

I got my medal, inhaled my chocolate milk, grabbed a bagel and water, and trudged to my gloriously close parking spot.
Getting out of the area was a hot mess. The police had a lot of roads closed off. which made it tricky. After some frustration and possibly illegal turns, we got back to our hotel so I could shower and change.
I did end up with quite a headache and some nausea later in the day, and didn't eat dinner. We peobably shouldn't have played mini golf! I had some salty chips and lots of water instead, and read a book.

I feel amazing today, no hint of headache or fatigue, and my appetite is back!
Would I do this race again? I'm not sure. I've done it two years in a row, and the weather was bad both times. The race itself is perfection, but the weather I could do without! If they moved the date back to March, I would totally do it!

What's your favorite RnR race?
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  1. UGH I am not looking forward to summer....I love warm weather except for running!! LOL

    Vegas is my fave so far with Raleigh a close second (except after this year) but I am pretty confident Dublin is going to take over :)

  2. Wow, that sounds so tough! I do not run well in the heat at all and try to avoid hot races, but April and September can range from 40s to 80s around here, so you just never know. Congrats on powering through!!