Sunday, May 21, 2017

Run! Ballantyne 8k

Last month, one of the ladies in my running club asked us all to run this race on her team. Her goal was largest team, which she won! When she sent out the info on how to get our bibs from her, she told us her next goal was to win fastest team. We all laughed.

Parking was a breeze and I grabbed my packet from Hope and ditched it in my car easily enough as well. We all hung around and waited for our group photo. We had to immediately jog to the start so we would start on time. After a prayer and the anthem, the race started.

The course started with an out and back, the we turned into a parking lot. We ran the perimeter of the lot, turned right and ran another out and back.

8k runners then turned back into that lot, while the 5k runners turned towards the finish.
The volunteers were amazing. I had upgraded to the 8k at the last minute so my bib was the wrong color. At least 3 volunteers noticed as I turned away from the finish and tried to steer me the right way.
Back around the parking lot I went. This is when the math starts in your head. I checked my PR before I left that morning. I had it in my head to beat 1:08 and around mile 3.5 I started figuring my possible finish time in my head. Because I had my watch set to intervals, I had no idea what my pace was each mile, but I knew they were all around 13 minutes. I knew that if I kept up my pace, I would PR for sure, it was just a matter of how much of one it would be.
I passed mile 4 with another 13ish minute mile and headed for the final out and back. It was hilly and I was so hot, but I had a goal and I was determined to meet it.
I turned the final corner towards the finish and I could see the race clock was at 1:04, which was good for me, since I started at the back.
I crossed the finish in 1:04:07

They had all kinds of food, but all I wanted was water. You had to walk really far to get to it, which I was not a fan of. They had tons of it though, and Gatorade as well, so it all ended well!

Our team won fastest team! Holy heck! I think 4 people from our group also won age group prizes as well!

It was a great way to start the weekend!

Oh.... and my original PR was 1:09 so my PR was actually 5:15 faster!

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