Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Training Update and the Chicago Marathon

Last week was the start of Chicago Marathon Training! Holy heck, where did the time go?

I got my training plan from the head of my running club, the PG Speed Demons. He's done hundreds of marathons and ultras (yes, many hundreds, the guy is a beast and has done Boston 17 times, I believe.) so I am more than willing to use his plan!

On to last week's workouts!

Wednesday: Girls on the Run and a dog walk

Thursday: 3.7 miles with the Speed Demons

Friday: drove to Nashville and walked all over the expo and Music Row.

Saturday: RnR Nashville and Mini Golf

Sunday: drove home and walked the dogs

Monday: total rest day! We had Girls on the Run but we were indoors and I didn't move around much. My Chicago tank arrived too!

Tuesday: 3.1 miles with the Speed Demons. Tired legs but a beautiful morning!

I also registered for all 3 races...

Wednesday: back to 9 Round after about 3 weeks off! It was leg day, and I lived to tell you about it.... barely...
We also walked at Girls on the Run and I walked the dogs with the hubs, plus I did the Fit Star Fit Test. Whew!

I think 9 Round was my favorite workout this past week. What was your favorite?

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  1. Get it, girl! I so wanted to register for Princess but wound up refraining. Sadly!

    Also, I think we have the same countertop. Random but true! ;)

    1. so crazy, every counter top in my house is the same!