Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday Training Update

I really need to start packing for tomorrow's trip to Maine, but let me throw out last week's workouts before I do.
Prepare to be mildly impressed. Maybe. Probably not, but that's ok. It's the second week of Chicago Marathon Training and I'm keeping up with the plan, which is starting off slowly. Gotta love it!

Thursday: 4 miles for Star Wars Day! Obviously one must run 4 miles on May the with you...

Friday was a rest day, so we walked the pups.

Saturday was the Girls on the Run 5k. It was also my 22nd Anniversary and that night we finally celebrated my birthday with friends!

Sunday the hubs and I hiked the Thread Trail, 4 miles and it was the perfect day for it. A little warm but also nice and breezy. I may have had cake for lunch. Don't judge, it was really amazing cake.

Monday was 9 Round day and it just about killed me, y'all. Sooooo much upper body, I felt broken for days. I also walked a mile with the pups.

Tuesday was track day and we ran 5k, plus walked an extra mile because we had time.

Wednesday. I was supposed to go back to 9 Round but holy heck I was still so broken. We walked the pups instead and I went grocery shopping and got my nails done for the half this weekend. That's just as good, right? Don't worry, I don't think so, either! My nails looks awesome, though!

Even though it kicked my butt, 9 Round was my favorite workout of the week. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? What was your favorite workout this week?

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