Thursday, June 22, 2017

Marathon Training with 2 Toms Foot Shield

I received 2 Toms Foot Shield as a Bib Rave Pro (Ambassador) for the purposes of this review. Check out to read and write race reviews.

Marathon Training is rough on your feet. This should come as no surprise, but I'm just putting it out there. You end up with blisters, rough skin, and let's not even talk about the stink. I live in the South y'all and if the heat doesn't kill you, the humidity will!

Everyone has their favorite ways of preventing blisters, but what if your cure could also help with that very special stank that comes with long runs?

I tried Foot Shield for the first time during Ragnar. (blogger fail, no pics) I know, I know, don't try something new during a race. BUT. I have this spot between my big toe and the next toe that just rubs and rubs on my longer runs. I have a blistery callousy spot there, and nothing seems to help. It doesn't hurt, except when I run more than 4 miles. Then the rubbing starts. Ugh.
So I tried Foot Shield and there was no rubbing. No discomfort. No smell, either, although it didn't seem as important at the time.

It's my new best friend now. I use Foot Shield before every run. I even have a little routine going.

1. Grab my shoes, socks, and phone, plus Foot Shield, and park my butt on the stairs.
2. Shake the bottle and then apply to my feet and between my toes.
3. Check Facebook. Granted, it's 5 am and not much is going on, but Foot Shield needs to dry. It doesn't take long.
4. Put on my socks and shoes, and continue on my merry way. Well, as merry as one can be at 5 am.

So Easy!

2 Toms contains a natural antifungal, reduces and prevents sweaty feet, bacteria growth, athletes foot, blisters, and stinky shoes. Winning! It smells nice and fresh as well, not overpowering at all.

The folks at 2 Toms have given us a discount code to share. Use the code 2Toms20 for 20% off until September 30th!
Tell me what you think of it, I know you will love it as much as I do.

Have you ever tried something new at a race?
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