Saturday, June 24, 2017

Moonlight Bootlegger 5k Trail Race

Wow, is that race name accurate!
I was running it with some of my friends from Run For Your Life, the store I coach for. We met up at the park at around 7:45. PM. At night.

The course would run through Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, SC.... just about 20 minutes away. They had it lit up with electric tea lights, and used glow sticks to mark stumps. etc that we should avoid.
The race started at 9, and while it was somewhat light out and kind of breezy, as soon as we entered the trail it got pitch black and the breeze was gone. Luckily we had our headlamps on, as required by the race director.

The scenery was amazing, even in the dark. The course was super well marked, and each mile was marked by a battery powered speaker playing songs by Johnny Cash, and other country music. The start and finish had a live band playing Bluegrass.

The finish line was pretty well lit up, and a super helpful young man was handing out water bottles as you crossed. We wanted our moonshine so we made a beeline for it...

The mason jars were our bling....

The lemonade one was pretty good, but the punch was even better. There was also popcorn and pretzels at the finish, and plenty of picnic tables to sit down at.
One of our friends got 3rd in his AG and the prize was a lantern with a lit candle in it. It was gorgeous. The shirts were also awesome, and they women's cut which is always a nice bonus. Super cute and really comfy. It's gonna be in my drawer for a long time before it heads to the quilt pile!

Definitely a race I will go back to. My finish time wasn't spectacular but it was 5 minutes faster than the one I did in January. In the daylight. I will have to work harder at that January race in 2018!

Have you ever run a trail race at night?

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