Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ragnar Pennsylvania, Part 1

I'm not even sure how to begin, it was such an amazing, overwhelming, exhilarating, exhausting weekend. I was Runner 4 in Van 1, and was blessed with amazing Van Mates.

We all met for the first time the night before. We decorated the vans, picked up our packets, and got maybe 4 hours sleep before we needed to get to the start.

Our start time was 5 am, the earliest start because we were a slow team. We cheered our first runner and then hopped into the Van to meet her at the first exchange.

We kind of sucked at first, it was hard to get to the exchanges on time, but by the time we finished we were pros!

I was 4th to run and my first leg was 5.9 miles. The bills were nuts, more like mountains, but it was so beautiful that I didn't care. I was in Amish country, and it smelled like manure for miles. I absolutely adored my entire 6 miles.


We had a really great first round (is it a round? a leg? I don't know.) and met Van 2 at the first big exchange.

Time for lunch, or first real meal of the day. It was amazing to sit down and eat actual food! Then it was on to the next exchange so we could run through the night!

Part 2 coming soon..... Have you run a Ragnar? We are already discussing our next race!

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