Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day 2017

How did you spend your Eclipse Day? The eclipse started here in SC at around 1:15 so I wanted to be sure to get all of my exercise done beforehand.

I started with a run. I planned on 3 miles, but I slept in and it was already super hot when I woke up!

I managed 2 very slow miles before I started noticing my form was bad. I decided that walking back was a better choice, so I cut it short at 2 miles and walked about a half mile back.

After a quick breakfast and a little stalling I put on my bathing suit and hit the pool for some laps. My triathlon is in a month and I'm definitely not ready! It's all good, I will finish, it might not be pretty, but I will finish.

Time to prep for the eclipse! We had lunch and made sure the dogs went out a bit before locking them in the house.

It was very cool to watch, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, and it got a little darker. More like twilight, I guess.

We thought it would get darker, which was kind of a let down, but it was an amazing thing to witness. I'm so glad we lived so close to the path of totality.

Did you watch the eclipse?

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