Saturday, September 2, 2017

Anatomy of a Long Run

Long runs are no joke when you are training for a marathon, but they are necessary! Most training plans call for multiple long runs of 16 to 20 miles, and it's best to be prepared so you don't forget anything that morning.

The night before, I pick out my clothes for the run, down to my socks, which aren't pictured. Never wear anything new on your long runs, thisis not the time to find out that yoyr shirt chafes you! I also grab some comfy pants and a shirt for afterwards and put that in my running bag....

In my running bag, I keep all of my every day running supplies... my Nathan belt, Nugo bars, Shower Pills, running hats, body glide, muscle cream, Knuckle Lights, etc. I never have to worry about forgetting anything, because it all stays in that bag.

I apply body glide in the parking lot before the run, but I always stick it in my skirt pocket. You might miss a spot or chafe somewhere weird, especially on humid or rainy days!

Road IDs are so important, y'all. Especially if you have allergies. I always wear one and I put it with my clothes the night before so that I don't forget. Your running buddies may not know the important info if something were to happen to you! If you don't have one, get one. There are discount codes everywhere... Google it!

Recovery shoes! I am all about Oofos. I have 3 pairs of flip flops and these awesome shoes. They can be spendy, but they are so worth it! A cute skirt that won't chafe is also a plus. I am a Skirt Sports girl, it's all I wear! Use FWC20 for 20% off regular priced merchandise!

Once you have survived your long run, you need to recover. The shoes are step one. For me, the bath is step 2.

Last night I prepped for bath time. Instead of stretching my poor tired body over the tub to get my Epsom Salts, I did it last night. I was ready to go when I came back from my long run.

I don't have a pic for this next part. Forgiveness. My run was a disaster today, I had tummy trouble and my running partner had shoe issues. Instead of 18, I ran 8.6 miles. I could dwell on this for days or just let it go. This is why we have more than one long run, y'all. Just let it go.

Eat something delicious and live to run another day!

Have you ever had to cut your long run short?

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