Saturday, September 9, 2017

Run and Ride Carowinds 5k

Today was part 1 of my crazy race weekend. I love when a race has multiple days and I couldn't pass up the scenery on this race.
This weekend was supposed to be my Yoga Certification weekend, which I delayed because Irma was coming to visit. She has since changed her mind and I'm trying not to be bitter.
But I digress.
Today's race was super important....

My 200th race!
Plus, check out that swag! Two shirts, a hat, buff, and magnet, all with a Charlie Brown theme. Which explains the pants...

Packet pick up was a breeze, and I ended up being way too early. I used the time to get in some steps.

The race began at 8:30 after the anthem played. I decided to keep it slow, around 14 minute miles, since the half marathon is tomorrow and both races are hilly. I set my intervals at 2:1 and stuck to it the whole time. Running in the Fall of way better than summer! When the timer buzzed I was always surprised instead of thankful!

The course started outside the park, behind the scenes, for the first mike at least. After that, we finally headed into the park.

We started in the main area of the park, where they are setting up for Scarowinds....

Through the water park, and finally to my favorite....

Once we left the dinosaurs, we were on our way back to the front of the park to finish.

A little reminder about race etiquette... After you finish, be sure to look for runners before crossing the race path. SO ANNOYING. I was just starting my sprint to the finish when someone crossed right in front of me. Slooooowly.
I had to stop short to avoid a collision. She didn't even have the decency to apologize. Ugh.

I finished, got my bling, and scored a bagel with cream cheese and some water. Final pace.... 13'16"
ooops.... so much for my 14 minute miles!

I hung around to watch my friend and her little finish the One Miler...

My friend, who ran the 5k, placing 4th in her AG, before running the mile!
Rock star!

All in all, a fun day! I look forward to tomorrow's long marathon.