Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Training Update

I'll just leave that right there....

Thursday: 3.6 miles with the group, cut a little short because one of my runners had a sore foot. Loving my newest skirt, this is the one I'll wear for the Chicago Marathon.

Friday: yoga, squats, and planks. I love monthly challenges!

Saturday was our long run. It was supposed to be 18 miles. My partner had a sore foot and I had a sad tummy so we stopped at 8.6 which I'm slightly sad about but not devastated. Next week is my 20 and that's the one that counts! Also, squats and planks.

Sunday: rest day! lots of walking and squats and planks. Super exciting day! Also tried a yummy new lunch and I'm hooked!

Monday: 3 miles plus yoga, squats, and planks. The hubs ran with me which was a nice surprise!

Tuesday: 6 miles at home. Since it was a holiday weekend, coaches had the option to stay home so I slept in! aaaahhhhhh it was glorious. It's also cooler here in the morning so it isn't as crucial to get up early.

Wednesday: total mental health day. I.did.nothing. Well, I did crochet a little, I'm making messy bun hats with this reflective yarn!

When was your last mental health day?

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