Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chicago Marathon Flat Mama

I know I should probably be in bed, but I just got back from my MDA Team Momentum dinner (where I may have just committed to join their team for MCM 2018) and I had to get organized!

So without further ado....

Did I forget anything? I sure hope not! I do have a Mylar blanket for before the race, in case it's chilly or windy!

Here is the sherpa's bag of tricks..

Post race outfit....

I am attending a BibRave post race party.... can you tell? I have access to showers post race, thanks to MDA, but I packed some Shower Pills just in case!
I'll wear my race tee on Monday so that people can see why I'm soooooo slow!

Stay tuned for some awesome race pics tomorrow night or Monday morning!

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