Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Recap

I traveled to Myrtle Beach to run the race with my friends Christie and Sara. There's nothing like a road trip with your running besties, but it's even better when you stay with Santa Claus.
No. Really. We legit stayed with Mr and Mrs Claus. Check them out at they are the real deal!

So we dragged our butts up at the crack of dawn so we could leave the house by 6. It was a pretty nice morning, I'm not gonna lie.

We found parking easily, and chilled out until the race began. Plenty of potties at the start!

The race began after the anthem was played and we were off. Sara was up ahead and I Christie and I chilled in the back. We were taking it easy since I was recovering from Chicago and Christie had been having some foot trouble.

We ran into some friends on the course, which was fun, and had a good time for the first 5 miles.

The water stops were every 2 miles and totally on point. Lots of water and Gatorade to be had.

After mile 5 Christie began having serious trouble with her foot and before long her back was hurting too, probably from overcompensating. We started walking to ease her pain, and that's when I noticed this sign...

Yikes! This better be a half marathon, people!
We began looking for Christie' s family because they had made a sign for her...

Mrs Claus had some serious sign skills, and had one for all 3 of us, which I thought was super sweet! This was after mile 7, and Christie was really feeling it now.

I was trying to distract her with some silliness, but the sag wagon was creeping close. We were past mile 10 when she just couldn't go another step.

She was working so hard, I was sad that she wouldn't be able to go the whole 13, but it turns out she had a stress fracture, so I'm glad she stopped when she did! I did get a fun selfie while she was deciding what to do...

I'm such a sucker for a man in uniform, especially cops. I run for my Dad, who is a retired cop, so I try and get a selfie with a cop during every race!

Once Christie got on the van, I hauled butt to finish within the time limit. I started doing a 2:1 run walk and banged out those last few miles.

The last mile was along the ocean, which I loved, but on a windy cement path which kind of sucked. I was so happy to be back at the beach that I didn't care.

After I finished (a few minutes late) and checked in with Sara, who ran part of mile 12 with me and then went back to check on Christie, I got my bling (which I had to ask for!) and started looking for my peeps.

Mrs Claus had chocolate milk for us, and we talked about the race a bit and went looking for the car.

Overall, a really great race that I would totally do again. Very flat, great course support, apples and bagels and chips at the finish as well as water. The medal was enormous and has a magnet on the back and a bottle opener!

Have you ever run the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon?

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