Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Training Update

The marathon took a lot out of me, y'all, and I'm definitely still recovering. I've been doing a lot of walking and a little running, but that's about it.

Monday after the marathon we did a lot of walking. I needed steps for my Step Bet, and I didn't want my legs to be too stiff!

Tuesday was more walking. I got to bed late on Monday night and I just didn't want to get up early to run with the group.

Wednesday night I met up with a friend and tried my first run. My blister was still sore but I managed two miles on very tired legs.

Thursday was the group run. I planned to take it easy, but Susanna had other ideas.

Friday was an easy day. There may have been some couch time....

Saturday was a group run. I planned to run 6, but a lady from one of the other pace groups asked me to do the entire 13 with her. It wasn't too bad, my legs got really tired by the end and my blister was really bugging me by then as well.

Saturday afternoon I finally clipped away the dead skin around my blister. TMI? maybe. It felt much better afterwards and now I can see how deep it was in a couple spots. Ugh.

Sunday was a rest day. The hubs and I ran some errands and that's about it.

Monday was also a rest day. I mostly caught up on laundry from the weekend, I'm not gonna lie.

Tuesday was back to the group run. Christie was catching a cold so we walked. My toe was very happy with that decision. I also had Girls on the Run and then I went to training so I could volunteer at a local book store.

Wednesday I got up early to run, but it was so cold that I stalled until it warmed up! 4 miles of hills and my legs are almost back to normal.

Dang that blister is just about killing me. It's definitely less tender and putting a padded bandaid on there helps a lot! Hopefully I won't get too much grief from it this weekend at the Myrtle Beach Mini!

Are you racing this weekend?

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