Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Flat Mama.... Wednesday?

I know, it's so bizarre, but when you are racing on the most popular race at all year, it calls for a early Flat Mama.

I have a busy long weekend ahead of me!
Tomorrow is the Turkey Dash in South Charlotte, a 4 mile race that I'll be running with a bunch of my fellow run groupies.
I'll be wearing a fun turkey inspired costume...

The socks will likely be hidden by my pants since they have such a wide bottom leg, but i couldn't resist!

On Friday, I will be running a 12 hour event that is raising money for Girls On the Run and Let Me Run. I plan to run 20 miles and that's it. I won't be staying for the whole 12 hours, except maybe to help out once I'm done.

I figure I may as well look cute while I suffer, right? I will need to layer, since it will be in the 30s when I start and the 50s when I finish.

Are you running any races this long weekend?

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