Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Favorite Rock n Roll Race Moments

I received free entry into Rock n Roll LA as part of being a BibRave Pro (ambassador). Check out BibRave.com to read and write race reviews!

My first Rock n Roll race was in Philadelphia in 2012. It was supposed to be my first half marathon ever, but a friend convinced me to run one that May instead, and then I added more, and it became my 3rd instead. It was a great race through one of my favorite cities, but what it the best was my cheering squad. The race ran right past our hotel!

My 2nd race with Rock n Roll was in DC in 2013. It was an amazing course, my kids came again, although they missed me running by, and we had a great visit to our nation's capital! I also wore a tutu, which makes everything better.

My next race was also in 2013, in Providence. This was the last year they held it there, which is too bad, because I LOVED it. The scenery was amazing, the course was fabulous, and it was the first time I met Jen from Final Forty, now known as Lesser Known Runners.

Back to Philly again in 2014, probably my favorite location to this day. I love running this race with friends!

Back to DC in 2015, this time with friends. The weather was horrible, but when you are with great friends, you don't really care!

Because I couldn't run NYC in 2015, I ran Philadelphia again, this time as a fundraiser for MDA. It was held on Halloween that year, pushed back because of a Pope visit I believe. We ran the 5k and the Half that year. After all, who doesn't want all that extra bling?

2016 brought us to a new state to live and opened me up to all new states to run in! First was Raleigh, where I met up with my friend Brandi and ran the 5k and half marathon! It was legit freezing that morning and I ran the first mile wrapped in a blanket!

Then it was on to Nashville, where the weather was hot and humid and I wanted to die! What a crazy switch! Amazing scenery, great crowds, and I loved every sweaty minute!

My 3rd RnR of 2016 was in Virginia Beach and Hurricane Hermione played a small part in the weekend. They had to cancel the mile on the beach, which I ran on the hotel treadmill instead. The half went on as planned, and it was such a fun day. The crowds were insane, and running through the barracks was the highlight for me, along with finishing at the beach!

This year I was able to make it to Nashville again, but my plans to run LA were canceled due to some family issues. One of these days I will make it to the West Coast, but for now, I'll leave you with my fave pic from Nashville 2017. 

What has been your favorite Rock n Roll location?

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