Friday, January 26, 2018

Flat Mama Friday, Double Run Edition

Ragnarians often do double runs in training. Usually, you do one in the morning and one at night. Tomorrow will be a double run day, but not the usual kind.

First, I'll be coaching. It's a long run day, but I have some new runners and we will be doing 6 miles in the morning. It should be about 40ish, so I'll wear tights and a long sleeved shirt. I'm hoping the new maroon one will be out of the wash in time, otherwise I'll wear the blue.

At 2 pm I'll be racing. It will be in the 60s at race time! Southern living, y'all! There is an 8k trail race called the Winter Classic in Charlotte, and I've never done a trail race that long so it should be interesting.

I'm loving the long sleeved hoodie!

I'm also loving my poop emoji Bib Boards, but I'm childish like that!

What do you use to keep your bib in place? Be on the lookout for my review soon, tomorrow is my first time using them, and I have a couple more races coming up before I write my review!

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