Monday, January 29, 2018

Hot Chocolate Atlanta Training Update

I was given entry into the Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews!

Let the countdown begin! Saturday morning, after I coach at Run For Your Life, my fellow BibRave Pro, Lissa, and I will be hitting the road and road tripping it to Atlanta for the Hot Chocolate 15k. It looks like the weather will be perfect.... for a15k that gives you Hot Chocolate at the end!

I was a little concerned about this race after my injury in December, but training has been going really well! I actually did 11 miles on Saturday and lived to tell the tale! 9.3 chocolate filled miles should be no problem!

Let's look at this past week's workouts...

Monday I did a crap load of squats and walked about 5 miles. Nothing too crazy, just wanted to keep moving.

Tuesday I coached, and we ran 2.62 miles. Normally I like nice round numbers but that was just too awesome. The whole drive home I beat myself up about not doing the 4 miles I had planned, so I got out of the car and ran 1.4 more in the neighborhood.

Wednesday I did Day 3 of 80 Day Obsession. At this rate, it will take me about 240 days, but whatever. I'm getting it done.

Thursday I coached again, fartleks this time. It was not my regular crew, so my pace was a little faster.

Oh, I stopped my watch at one point by mistake...

Friday was a rest day. I basically ran all over the place, checking out my water duty location for Saturday, picking up my bib for Saturday afternoon's race grocery shopping...

Saturday was coaching first. We did 6 miles, which was a distance PR for one of my runners. Well, she stopped at 5.3, but it was still a PR. A few of us finished out the 6.

My second run was the CRC Winter Classic 8k. It was a beautiful trail race that kicked my out of shape butt.

Check out those splits, though. Slow... yes... but I wasn't last, and those splits are awesomely negative, once I warmed up!

I'm so mad, though. I meant to check the time on my only other 8k trail race and forgot. I was 15 seconds or so too slow, and I totally could have skipped a walk break and beat that time! So frustrating.

Sunday was yoga with my girls to stretch everything out. My body hurt, y'all. Taking 5 weeks off to heal is smart, but it also comes with a price!

In any case, I'm ready for 9.3 miles. They might be slow, but I don't care! I'm back out there and I'm pain free!

Have you run a Hot Chocolate race?

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