Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Training Update

Y'all, I'm so excited to be writing these again! After a little over a month off, I will be running again on Saturday! O.m.g.

Anyway, here is my little itty bitty training update for last week.

Thursday: we drove to Disney, in the horrible aftermath of a snow storm that the south wasn't ready for. But first, I did my box jumps.

Friday we hit the parks and the expo. I had a crap ton of steps.

Saturday I spectated the half marathon. It was exhausting. I had so many steps and I ran around all day!

Sunday we spectated the Full Marathon. Another crazy day that started with a lot of standing and ended with a lot of walking around EPCOT!

Monday we drove home, so the only exercise I got was my strength exercises! I did manage to earn my first stop in Coach Jenny's National Parks Challenge though!

Tuesday, I did my box jumps and some walking.

Yesterday I did my strength exercises plus a 4 mile walk. No pain!

I'm hoping to really get back into it now, and hopefully my PT will be on board with it! I'm so looking forward to Saturday!

What's the longest you've been out with an injury?

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