Monday, February 5, 2018

#SavetheShirt with BibBoards

I received 3 sets of BibBoards as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

Use the code #BibChat

You know how the story goes. You run a race, which requires pinning a bib to your shirt. If you're anything like me, it's a really cute shirt, a favorite, one that you wear all the time. After the race, you pull it off, bib and all, because you're so disgustingly sweaty, and toss it in the back of the car. When it's time to do the laundry, you go to take the bib off, and the cheesy safety pins won't come off easily, you end up with little pin holes in your shirt.
Sound familiar?

Even worse is when you pin another bib to the back. That's 2 sides of your shirt with holes in it!

BibBoards helps make all of that a faint memory! No more pin holes, no magnets that slide around in the porta potty, just an easy to use system that takes care of it all. They are simple to snap on, easy to take off, and reusable!
They won't tear your race bib, either, so if you store your bibs in a binder like I do, you don't have to worry about how to snap the bibs in!

I just used mine at Hot Chocolate 15k Atlanta. It was pouring, freezing, and miserable. My bib was a mess, but it was still fully attached with no damage to the holes from the crazy wind. No rust either!

Being the mature individual I am, I got poop emojis, but they had all kinds of other cute emojis, plus race distances, and more! You can also order custom BibBoards with whatever logo you want!

Some of my friends have even snapped them onto their watches or their sleeves as a reminder of the distance they are training for. So creative!

With all of the races on my calendar this year, I am so lucky to have these in my arsenal. I need my shirts to last, especially my coaching shirts. BibBoards definitely helps with that.

Since I have 3 sets, I will be bringing them to the Disney Princess weekend. I'm running all 3 races, so I can snap these on to my race shirts when I get my bibs and not worry about them again! I'll only have to remove the challenge bib and transfer it to a new Shirt, which will be easy peasy!

Check out all of the cute BibBoards here. Which ones will you order with the discount code above?

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