Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer in the South with Gatorade Endurance

I received Gatorade Endurance products for the purposes of this review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

Y'all, it is seriously hot in the south right now. I guess that makes me sound like Captain Obvious, but as a Jersey Girl living in the South for the last 2+ years, I'm learning some new things every season.

For example, sometimes we don't even have Spring in the South. It's more like Sprummer. It's really freaking cold (ok, not really, it's the south after all) and then it's nice for about a week and then BAM!

The humidity, added to the heat, kind of makes you want to die. For real. We get up and run at 6 am in self defense. This way you are mostly done when the sun comes up.

I have been using the Watermelon Thirst Quencher Powder for the last couple weeks, but I am mostly going to talk about one particular day. The Trifecta. I posted about it and shared a bunch of pics, so you may have heard about it.
It started with a long run....

I woke up with a sad tummy, so I didn't take any pics. I think I was nervous about my crazy day. Anyway, we ran 5 miles in the crazy NC heat and then I did a quick change before heading to part 2 of the Trifecta: Boot Camp.

I met up with fellow Bib Rave Pro, Lissa, and we both brought our Gatorade to get us through!

Such a smart decision. We had both run 5 miles with our run clubs and then met up for that brutal workout!

Afterwards I went home and made another bottle. I needed to replenish before the third part of the trifecta: a night time trail race.... also with Lissa.

I'm so glad I had my Gatorade! No brutal migraine from dehydration, and I could enjoy a little moonshine afterwards!

Gatorade Thirst Quencher also came in super handy last night. It was cornhole night!

It was also in the 90s at 7 PM with no sign of cooling down. We were out in the direct sunlight and it was just beating down on us.

I may have guzzled it!

Gatorade Thirst Quencher Endurance Formula has twice the sodium, three times the potassium, and is made for your long runs and intense workouts. Perfect trifecta hydration!

It isn't your daddy's Gatorade. It's lightly flavored, makes it easy to drink throughout your workouts! No added sugars, no coloring. Just plain goodness! I really enjoyed it, and there aren't many electrolyte drinks I can say that about!

You may have noticed the new Mango gel in the pics above. I could tell you how fabulous it is, but I'd be lying. Why? I haven't tried it yet!
My friends are liking it, but I haven't hit a run long enough to warrant extra fuel, those are coming up this week and next. I will post on Instagram once I've tried it out!
I was told that it goes down nice and easy, which I'm glad about. I dont like super thick gels, for me it's a texture thing. I'm such a baby!
Each packet has 20 grams of carbs and 80 calories, essential during long runs!

Website tip: the website still says Coming Soon, but I'm told you can buy it. This better be true, the hubs just discovered mine and it's going twice as fast now!

What's your favorite Gatorade flavor?

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