Friday, July 13, 2018

Facing My Fears 2018:Bonus Yoga Edition

Ok, so for those of you catching up, I made 2018 a year of facing my fears.
It all started when a group of friends went line dancing but didn't invite me. I had recently said I wanted to go, and my feelings were hurt. The hubs suggested I go alone, and I realized I was actually scared to go alone. What?
Right then and there, I made a list!

I've been keeping up with my monthly fears, and this month I added an extra.

Actually, I added two extra, and one stemmed from the other. My July fear is to take a spin class. They have always intimidated me, and I don't like to do things that I think I'll be bad at. That is happening next week.

Just after Independence Day, I shocked myself by getting in the car and driving to Asheville to spend the long weekend with Mirna Valerio and 20+ strangers on a trail hiking retreat. I was super excited to be spending the time with one of my all time heroes, but terrified of the whole idea of the retreat.
What if nobody liked me?
What if I made a fool of myself?
What if it was too hard?

Not only did I make amazing new friends, but I did hard things, I didn't really make a fool of myself, and I met this crazy lady:

Jameelah is an ultra runner and for the last year she's been running barefoot. She is about to embark on a run across Tennessee, a race put together by the same insane guy who does the Barkley Marathons. Never heard of it? Look it up!
She told us her story and challenged us to pick something hard and do it.

I decided to have faith in myself and I pulled the trigger on something I have been trying to get up the courage to do all year.

I am getting my Yoga Teacher Training done! I've been working on it for at least an hour a day since Monday, and cannot wait to get past the boring anatomy stuff!

The weekend with Mirna renewed my love for yoga and I cannot wait to share that love!

Get out there.
Do hard things.
Be proud of yourself!

What is one hard thing you want to do someday?

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