Sunday, July 8, 2018

Slow AF Trail Retreat with Mirna

Ok y'all, I'm currently at the most amazing retreat, in Morganton NC, and Mirna Valerio is leading it!

We started on Thursday night with dinner and intros, and then all got up Friday morning for yoga. Picture cred: Mirna

Friday afternoon we went for our first hike and as we arrived the storm began. It mostly moved away, but it was still raining and you could still hear thunder.

It was so freeing to run in the rain and splash through the puddles!

We also started vision boards!

Our second run was cancelled by flash flooding, but we did get to visit with Ben from Merrell.

Saturday morning began with another rainy trail run, which i skipped because (boys, skip this part) it's my time of the month. i did go along for the ride, just in case the rain stopped.

It didn't. After breakfast we had some free time, so I read a book and took a lovely nap. Then it was time for Camp Mirnavator.

She kind of killed us just a little. After lunch it was time for another hike/run!

I'll just post a few pics, I took many!

We walked up and then ran down.

There was yoga last night but I was showered and in my pajamas, so I stayed in and read a book. Ahhhhhh

Today is the last day and we are starting with yoga, which my aching body needs!

Have you ever gone on a retreat? What kind was it?


  1. Fun Fact. When I lived in NC I lived in Morganton :) Now you see why I want to go back.....

    1. omg it was so beautiful! I can totally see why you want to go back!