Thursday, October 25, 2018

Packing for MCM 10k

It is finally time to pack up for tomorrow's trip to Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon....10k. I'm still super weepy about it, especially the last few days, but I'm determined to have fun anyway!

Packing for a race weekend is always crazy, and usually involves about 25 trips up and down the stairs to get the stuff I inevitably forget to bring up with me when I pack.

I always pack my shoes first. These are the worst thing to buy if you forget them! These are still a little too new for long distances but will work great for a 10k!

I love these bags, I have one for my shoes, one for my race day outfit, and one for all of my creams, gels, and moleskin...etc.

The race outfit. I ordered a new skirt with leggings attached, but it didn't come in time because I didn't order it in time. I shouldn't freeze too much, though. Of course I also packed my hydration belt and my BibBoards.
I have a MDA hat, but I wanted to represent my Running Club. I also included a Road ID (if you don't have one, get onea) and a Momentum Jewelry bracelet, which I wear every day
(I have about 4 or 5).

My entire race day outfit goes in my carry on. Everything else will get checked.

Post race outfit, so I'm comfy when I cheer my friends on, and so they can find me! The shirt is from my running club.

This is my Saturday, I'm going to see all the museum things, outfit.

This is my airport outfit for the trip home. Super comfy.

I get these at Walmart for $1 each. There are 8 total, 2 for each of the peeps I'm going with.

Extra hat, just in case, plus a print out of the race info... sans ads...

Because you just never know what you'll need!

I'm ready to go!

Have I forgotten anything important?

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