Monday, October 1, 2018

Training Update, Ragnar Edition

It seems so strange not to be training for Marine Corps, but I have Ragnar Trail this weekend, and a couple of half marathons coming up, so I am focusing on that!
I'm trying to vary my workouts, and add in some strength, which Class Pass Live should help out with!

Monday I was pretty lazy, I did 15 minutes of yoga and then just did some housework.

Tuesday was a track workout day. I had 3 miles planned, but I was feeling good so I did 4!

Wednesday I tried out Class Pass Live for the first time, using the heart monitor. For real, y'all, I am in some bad shape, cardio wise. I need to work on that for sure!
Anyway, in the morning I did a kickboxing class and in the evening I tried Barre. It was just over an hour total.

Thursday I ran at home, but I was really feeling those classes I took the day before. I was on the struggle bus for all 3 miles.

On Friday I walked a couple miles with my friend Ali and then I was just lazy all day. Well, that isn't really true. I had water duty for Saturday's run so I went and got the water jugs, and ran a few errands. So, i was moderately lazy.

Saturday was the long run. Toni (from my pace group) is still easing back in, so we ran 6 and walked 2.5, and then she kindly helped me fetch the water jugs and return them back to the store. After that, I sat on the couch and watched Clemson beat Syracuse.

Sunday I started off with a Core workout on Class Pass Live. I made top 3! I am still trying to hit 1000 points in one class, but I came really close! Afterwards, the hubs and I played mini golf.

Not a bad week overall! I hope to try some new classes on Class Pass Live this week. Possibly some strength workouts. Be on the lookout for way too many pics from Ragnar Trail Carolinas starting Thursday or Friday.

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