Monday, October 15, 2018

Training Update

Last weekend I ran Ragnar Trails SC, and it really wore me out. My workouts last week were horrible because of it, I'm not gonna lie. I'm going to go back to the week before for this update, since I missed out on posting one for the week before.

October 1: 2 mile walk. Not starting off very well! Oh but on Sunday I did some kickboxing so I'll just post that pic right here...

October 2: 3 miles at the track plus I walked one as well. It was pretty speedy! I cleared out a lot of my pics so I have nothing to show for it. Sad but true. Thanks to Strava I have proof!

October 3: I spent the day packing for Ragnar and was totally gonna bail on a workout, until a friend running on another team asked me to run. She wanted to pick my brain. It was 86 degrees out, but I went anyway.

October 4: Ragnar day! I started it off with a 5k walk. A friend of mine is recovering from back surgery and is finally allowed some movement! Hooray! I also set up camp and walked around a lot that day!

October 5: official Ragnar start! I was runner 1, so I ran 3.3 miles at 9:30 that morning...

And another 7.6 miles at 7:30 that night.

October 6: Ragnar, day 2 of running. My final leg of 5.4 miles was at around 6 am...

Then we broke down camp while the others took their final legs!

October 7 I pretty much recovered from Ragnar! We did decorate a little...

Which brings us to last week.

Monday we drove to Tennessee for a quick vacay with the Boy.

We did a lot of walking. Tuesday was more of the same before driving home.

Wednesday we were home but I was being lazy. Lots of laundry and prepping for TS Michael.

Thursday would have been a run day, but Michael made his appearance and it was a little sketchy outside.

Friday was also lazy. I ran a bunch of errands and that's about it. Oh my heck, I suck.

Saturday was long run day. We had a Preview Run for the Charlotte marathon but no one from my pace group came and I was alone. I couldn't keep up and I was alone by mile 1. Charlotte is creepy at 6 am y'all. I walked back and that was that. We also walked the pups for 1.5 miles so I had 3.5 total miles for the day. Yikes.

Sunday I did a Barre class on Class Pass Live that just about killed me. My butt is seriously sore today! We also walked the pups for a mile.

Have you ever had a week where you just couldn't get motivated to move?

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