Saturday, December 29, 2018

Indoor Winter Workouts with Vuori

I received Vuori Omni Performance Shorts at The Running Event as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to find and write race reviews.

So, maybe you've noticed a theme lately, it's been coldish and rainy here the last few weeks so I've been doing a lot of workouts indoors. I've really been trying to work in some Barre classes on Class Pass Live and the occasional Kickboxing class as well.

It's pretty warm in the house these days, since we have the gas fireplace going all.the.time. so these shorts are the perfect workout gear for the occasion! They are a polyester spandex mix, and they are moisture wicking, two very important features! If you like shorties for running, they even have a zipper pocket in the back!

We got to meet the owner of Vuori while we were at The Running Event, and he showed us some really cute products in their women's line.

They are all about cute gear that you can wear to the gym and then wear around town, or in reverse. The fabrics are so soft and comfy!

Everyone was posting pics to their social media of the cute gear! Check out the Halo Performance Pullover and the Peformance Jogger, they were the big faves.

What do you wear for your indoor workouts?

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