Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Teaching Yoga with Buff CoolNet UV+

I received a Buff with CoolNet UV+: as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to find and write race reviews.

This summer I began teaching yoga at our neighborhood pool. The pool doesn't open until 9, and it is crazy hot here by then, so we meet at 8 in the parking lot. Classy, right? Free yoga is free yoga, though, and everyone is okay with it! Plus, the lot is somewhat shady and the pool is not shady at all.

I said somewhat, right? It gets sunnier as the hour goes by, so I am definitely in need of some protection!

Isn't it beautiful?!? I am in love with this Buff!
These are made for hot weather, with UPF sun protection of 50+. The material is so light, you barely notice it, and it is super stretchy! It is very easy to manipulate it until you have it on just right. The material is made from recycled water bottles! That just blows my mind. Most importantly, the cooling effect keeps you cool while you work out. Or while you teach yoga in a parking lot in the SC sun. 

The Buff with CoolNet comes in a lot of colors and patterns. It was easy to choose mine, since I had a purpose in mind, otherwise I might have had some trouble. Y'all, there are 186 to choose from. For real. From solids, to rainbows, with everything in between, Buff has something for everyone. 

Which Buff will you choose? Order here for 15% off!

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  1. Are they the ones you have to wet to get the cooling?

  2. No, When you are hot and sweating this wicking fabric cools you down by vaporizing moisture and removing body heat