Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My Osteoarthritis Suit of Armor with Handful Bras

I was given a Handful Y Back Bra as part of being a BibRave Pro (Ambassador). Check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews.

If you are following along you are probably sick of hearing about my osteoarthritis, and I totally get it. I am sick of it, too. This is my life now, and if I can help even one person than it is all worth it!

It's hard to post unique pics of a sports bra, so please bear with me. The Y Back Bra is in every one of these pics, whether you can see it or not!

Basically, every day I wake up I am in pain. What I do during the day doesn't seem to matter. If it rains or snows, it is worse. Some random days I will wake up and I am fine, which I am hoping will start to happen more often. 
When this is your new normal, you start to count on certain things to keep you comfortable and get you through. I posted last week about my knee brace, and today I am sharing my favorite sports bra company. The Y Back Bra is actually my favorite for running so far. It gives amazing support and it is so comfy, you barely remember that you are wearing it.

Isn't that so important, though? I will mention the lack of chafing etc in a bit, but let's talk about being comfortable. When you are already in pain, you want everything else under control. This means something different for everyone, I know. For me, it's all about comfy low socks, broken in kicks (Brooks, usually), cute and comfy running clothes, and a super comfy sports bra. I don't want to be tugging it back in place, chafing, rubbing. It should be soft and comfy, and once I put it on, that should be the last time I think about it until it is time to take it off.
Think of it like a suit of armor. It is there to protect you and keep you feeling safe. Maybe not safe from bodily harm, in this case, but rather a shield against any additional pain.

I have worn this bra for every long run, and every race, since I received it. It's made for high impact, it comes in 11 colors/patterns, and it's perfect for C or D cups. I am just about a C cup, so I am loving it! It doesn't chafe, it dries really fast, and it's moisture wicking, which is kind of the same thing. The pads are removable, and they have easy to follow directions printed right on them for putting them back in. You can wash the bra with the pads in, though, so it may never apply to you. 

I have two of their other bras, the Closer, which zips up the front, and the Adjustable Bra

The Closer is perfect for sweaty runs, because you just unzip and remove. It's also a high impact sports bra.

The Adjustable Bra is my favorite yoga bra. I actually have two. It's a medium support bra. I have used it for running as well, but since I teach yoga twice a week, I usually save them for that.

Their newest pattern, Ripple Effect, makes me think of Arizona. I am totally getting the Y Back Bra in that pattern next. It's so happy looking!
Adjustable Sports Bra - XL / Ripple Effect

What's your favorite Handful Bra?

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  1. Basically forgetting about your sports bra is the best! I agree you shouldn't have to think about it until you go to take it off. :) I am a fan of both the Y-Back and Closer Bras (the two I have tried).

  2. I love the adjustable bra, but I also wear the Y Back ones. I love that I can wear them anywhere and not think about it. And I usually leave the pads in when I wash them and I wash them in a garment bag for delicates.